Friday, 20 October 2017

Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, China.

This impressive cave is just 5 kilometres far from Guilin and it's a must for all the tourists visiting the area. People used to make flutes with the reeds that grew outside the cave and that's why it's called that way. Unfortunately for me it was the cave of the "noisy Chinese tourist guide with a loudspeaker" and although it was an amazing sight I just could not enjoy it as much as I wanted.

Remember to bring good shoes because it is slippery and bear in mind that there may be large groups of tourists as well.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Stranger Things Season 2 : Final Trailer

The Sun and The Moon Pagodas in Guilin, China.

In the centre of Guilin  you can't miss The Sun and The Moon Pagodas. We only saw them during the day and not at night because we were extremelly exhausted after touring all day long .

Saturday, 14 October 2017

The Night the Lights Went Out by Karen White

The Night the Lights Went Out
My first thought when I started reading this novel was : this is one of those books that would make an incredible film. It oozes southern charm. The reader can feel the heat of the humid summer, taste home made cookies and even learn some proper manners.

The author depicts very strong female characters.Sugar and Merilee are two women who have had to struggle in life but despite their age difference find themselves sharing difficulties and inspiring each other. They end up being "two peas in a pod ".

The plot is engaging and although it is slow paced, you can feel that something is about to happen and you really want to warn the characters since they are incredibly likeable and it is easy to relate to them.

I read the book before going to sleep while listening to the sound of crickets and distant thunderstorms on my phone and I slept like a baby. The novel just "dilled my pickle".

Sunday, 8 October 2017

They Did It With Love by Kate Morgenroth

They Did It with Love
A delightful suburbian mystery that will appeal to fans of Agatha Christie. Kate Morgenroth describes the apparently uneventful lives of a rich neighbourhood in Connecticut and reveals that nothing is what is seems and "Nobody knows anybody- not that well".

At the beginning of the book the author introduces the couples who live in the area but the number of characters turned out to be a bit complicated for me, so I wrote a list with some of the features mentioned in the first chapters to know who each person was. There are no spoilers in this list.

Sofie: saw both of her parents dead corpses. Married to Dean.
Dean: really handsome and he knows it.Married to Sofie.
Priscilla: founder of a mystery book club. Married to Gordon.
Gordon: quite boring according to his wife Priscilla.
Susan: tries to please everyone, specially her husband Harry.
Harry: he's always home late, he's the CEO of a big company.Married to Susan.
Ashley: what many people would call a trophy wife. Married to Steward.
Steward: divorced and married again to pretty Ashley.
Julia: hates the country, the neighbourhood, the neighbours..... Married to Alex.
Alex: no information is given about him in the first chapters.Married to Julia.

There are other characters who don't play an important role:
Candy and Margaret (members of the book club). Pam who was Steward's first wife and Ruth who is a lawyer.

The plot is really entertaining with some twists that will surprise most readers.

Sunday, 24 September 2017

The Leaf Reader by Emily Arsenault: review

The Leaf Reader
As a tea drinker I was fascinated with the idea of tea leaf reading and that was the main idea that attracted me to this novel. I wish this topic and the psychic abilities of some of the characters had been developed much further by the author.

I liked the rest of the book but I felt that I was just looking at a slightly different version of something I had already read before: a missing teenager and just lies, lies and more lies told by unreliable friends.


In spite of the previous comment, it was an entertaining summer read.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Little Monsters by Kara Thomas : opinion.

Little Monsters
I had wanted to read this book for a long time and my high expectations where almost fulfilled . The characters were intriguing and the plot piqued my interest.

However, and this may be a spoiler... I just couldn't believe the way it ended. It took me aback but not in a positive way, because I love being surprised while reading. Perhaps some character should have been developed further to make the ending more plausible, IMHO.

Despite my opinion about the way it finished, I recommend this novel to fans of YA literature.

Golden by Jessy Kirby : review

I strongly recommend this book to teenagers because it encourages readers to take chances in life even if it means disappointing others to follow your dreams or simply to find out what your dreams are.

Jessy Kirby has also written about living with the decisions you made and sticking to them or on the contrary, changing your mind and making new choices to improve you life.

It is a beautiful and a bit hard coming of age novel full of poetry that may also show parents that once their children are old enough, they should be not only allowed, but also inspired to pursue their own happiness.

Golden has a lot of food for thought, however, in my opinion some issues were not completely dealt with such as the fact that a specific character ignored other people´s grief. I wish the author had devoted some lines to this to give some closure to this situation.

All in all it was really worth reading and worth remembering.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Li River Cruise in Guilin : wonderful views, recommendations and a warning.

The main reasons for visitor to go to the town of Guilin is without a shadow of a doubt to go on a cruise along the river. The scenery is incredibly beatiful, lush mountain and water buffalos . However take into account that there will be lots of tourists and ships on the river .

 In my opinion it is better to go on the upper deck of one of the big cruisers to enjoy the views .Since the voyage takes around five hours lunch is usually served on those ships, however, I strongly recommend skipping it because they wash the dishes with river water, which may be fine for the locals but will problably upset the stomachs of tourists who are not used to it.

After the cruise we went to a very old village full of shops and food for tourists.

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